Keep calm and defrost your meat in minutes!

Someone rightly said about food ~‘If it doesn’t have meat, it’s just a snack’! We love our pets, but oh we do love our meat too! Vegans may raise an eyebrow at the ‘hypocrisy’ and judge us all they like but eating meat is as necessary to us meat-lovers as breathing or sleeping. The countless barbeques we have every winter is a tradition that’s very close to our hearts and our refrigerators are stocked to the brim with every kind of meat available on earth (though bacon tops the list for good reason!)

However thawing that beloved cut of frozen lamb or beef before cooking might become a dreadful headache if you aren’t well-informed. Most of us make a mess in our kitchen sinks while defrosting meat. That’s why it’s important to play by the rules and get the know-how before trying to defrost your meat at home.

The following simple steps will help you eager home-chefs avoid the hassles of defrosting and also save precious time ~

  • Always ALWAYS use a Ziploc bag or a waxed freezer paper (a greener alternative to the plastic bags) to store your meat. You may also wrap the whole thing up in a sheet of aluminium after packaging it in waxed paper or Ziploc. That will ensure long-lasting freshness and lesser contact with air or moisture.
  • When you want to defrost your meat, take it out of the freezer and refrigerate it normally overnight. This will ensure that you can store your meat raw once again afterwards.
  • After defrosting meat, just place it in an oven safe bowl and microwave it in ‘defrost’ mode for around 5 minutes. Be careful not to overdo this since the meat may start cooking inside the oven.
  • Take it out of the oven and voila! Your meat is ready to be cooked, baked or grilled!

Why E- commerce Platform attracts more Buyers

A buyer will buy products online with the ease associated with it. The consumer today can find absolutely each and everything online. From appliances to food items to furniture and many more. There is an innumerable list of products that one can buy online. The consumer does not have to go anywhere to buy things these days. Another reason for a consumer to buy a lot of products online is the price factor. Websites today give very attractive offers on all kinds of products which is almost impossible when you buy things from retailers in the market. Apart from the price, the facility of home delivery is like a boon to the online buyers. Imagine you just have to place an order for the thing you want and it will straight away arrive at your home without any fuss and problem. The festive season sales of websites have tremendous discount offers which are almost impossible to resist.


This is the reason why people tend to buy more amounts of products during the festive sales put up by various websites. You can find a very wide variety of products online. Another facility that is attractive buyers these days is the facility of trying something before buying it. Clothes and glasses are some products that will be best suited when you first try them. E- Commerce portals these days have started the trend of first trying the outfit or the product and then buying it. Also with all the variety available on the internet in front of your eyes, it is almost impossible to ignore these websites. The most important factor that a buyer searches for in a good e- commerce platform is good and fast service. The delivery of the product should be safe and within the promised time frame.